Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We live in a dirty dirty world

So I woke up this morning around 6:30-7. I made breakfast for Josh and I and somehow after breakfast was done, I started picking up some stuff on the floor. I noticed that the floor was really dirty in the spot I was picking up. So I decided to put our broom together and sweep. I have mopped before but like normal for Egypt, you feel like you have to mop the very next day so I didn’t pay any attention to it. Well when I started sweeping, I noticed that I was picking up a LOT of dirt. So it turned into sweeping the whole living room/dining room/entry way. I swept 20 little piles of dirt. Not like dust but actual dirt. It was so disgusting. I mean if I did just one sweep, it was basically enough to make a pile. All the piles were what I just picked up right around the pile itself, nothing big at all.

   IMG_2485 IMG_2487   


So after I spent who knows how long sweeping, I swept them all into 1 big pile to see exactly how much I was picking it. And then I mopped all the floors in the apartment except for the spare room.

IMG_2488 IMG_2490

And instead of refilling the mop bucket a dozen times because the water would get so filthy, I just took a full bucket and dumped it all over the floor and squeegeed it all in to the floor drain in the bathroom. Then I took the mop and mopped it again until I wasn’t getting a whole lot of dirt on the mop. Hopefully, by all the work I did today, I won’t feel like I have to mop again tomorrow. Oh please oh please!

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kyle, emily, grace and ava said...

it's pretty dusty there, eh? good luck with that. I don't mind sweeping, love vacuuming, but hate mopping. Not as much as I hate cleaning the bathtub. I had to do that yesterday, AH! So annoying. I would rather clean the toilet than the bathtub!